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Africa: African Efforts Are Leading Sustainable Change

Global charities often think they know how to achieve results in Africa. Increasingly, however, local, national and Africa-wide initiatives - such as Wellbeing Africa Foundation, the African Women's Development FundTutuDesk Campaign, One Economy Foundation and Uzima Foundation, - are achieving results that surpass much aid-driven philanthropy.

The story of African progress in 2018 may be the growth of initiatives driven by African expertise and insights. African-led organizations often focus on basic rights such as access to health care, education, food security and freedom from violence. Leaders of those organizations are encouraged by signs that some influential donors are working to align their grant-making with African priorities and want to help scale successful interventions to achieve national and Africa-wide results.

Photo: Wellbeing Foundation Africa

Melinda Gates (center right), co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation attended the Future Assured Initiative's consultation on improving mother/child health and nutrition in Nigeria last January, hosted by First Lady Aisha Buhari (center), attended by senior government officials and Wellbeing Foundation President and the Senate president's wife Toyin Saraki (center left).