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Ireland: Four Gardaí Suspended Over Alleged Cocaine Use

  • Senior officers are conducting separate criminal and disciplinary investigations into allegations of cocaine use by four off-duty gardaí.

The members, attached to a Leinster division, were suspended from duty on Monday, while investigations continue.

The matter dates back to an incident in a nightclub in Co Kildare, last December, where the four off-duty members were socialising.

Two of them, a male and a female, went into a toilet cubicle, where it is alleged they took a substance.

It is understood that staff asked the pair, and two of their friends, to leave the premises.

It is thought that other off-duty gardaí might also have been socialising in the club on the night.

Gardaí were not alerted to the incident and did not attend the scene.

Some three to four weeks later, staff at the premises reported the incident to Garda authorities and an investigation was set up.

Gardaí seized CCTV footage from the club and conducted searches at the homes of the four members.

Sources said no suspicious substances were found at the homes or at the club.

It is understood that none of the members have made any admissions.

A decision was made, last Monday, by senior officers, to suspend the gardaí, pending the investigations.

Both a criminal investigation and separate disciplinary proceedings are underway.

It is understood detectives have seized a number of mobile phones and are examining text messages and phone traffic.

Some Garda sources have advised caution and said the full circumstances of the incident have not yet been established.

Detectives have taken statements from staff who were working on the night, and gathered what CCTV is available.

It is not clear whether or not CCTV from the date is still available or, if so, what it might have captured that would be of evidential use.

None of the members have yet been arrested, but statements have been taken.

Officers are concerned about the allegations and the circulation, online, of certain details.

If disciplinary action is taken, the members could face reduced pay and even dismissal.