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Zayyan Tambari Yabo, a Nigerian and Sokoto indigene emerges as Secretary General Africa LPG Associat

Zayyan Tambari Yabo emerge as Secretary General Africa LPG Association

Africa Liquified Petroleum Gas Association is a new association founded in February 2017 in Cape Town South Africa at the sidelines of ARGUS Media Africa LPG Conference.

ARGUS Media is a renowned United Kingdom based global energy consulting firm. At the conference, liquefied petroleum gas stakeholders from Africa decided to form an umbrella association to promote the growth and development of LPG sector for both domestic and industrial usage.

The association will bring together relevant government agencies, companies in LPG business, energy consulting firms, multinational development agencies supporting the growth of energy, financial institutions, energy journals and diplomatic bodies in realizing its objectives.

It was after consultations among the stakeholders that Mr. Samson Muamba, MD and Chief Executive Officer of Fire Corp Energy Zambia, was elected Pioneer President of the Africa LPG Association, while Zayyan Tambari Yabo of the Nigeria’s headquarters of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) emerged Secretary General of Africa LPG alongside other executives.

Engr. Zayyanu Tambari is a well-known professional especially in the regulation of LPG sector in Nigeria. He is a trained Chemical Engineer from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. He has attended several national and overseas courses in LPG operations in Germany, Turkey, France, South Korea and the United Kingdom. He is a member of several professional bodies which includes Nigeria Gas Association, Nigeria Society of Chemical Engineers and Polymer Institute of Nigeria.