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Ireland: Exclusive! How Infidelity and Adultery Shamefully Shattered a Nigerian Home and Owerri Community Association in Dublin

Even in the ‘best of homes’ there may be secrets lurking. Judith Osuagwu (aka Judith Uzo Ohale Osuagwu) is the woman at the centre of a recent controversial news that tends to shatter her matrimonial home and even the formidable Owerri Association of Ireland, AfricaWorld Gossip Parrot can reveal authoritatively. It is evident that her escapades commenced over a couple years ago and her adulterous relationship was traced to three family men from the same community residing in Dublin.  

One of the men is believed to have served in a foreign mission and had since relocated back home as his tenure came to an abrupt end sometime ago. The diplomat quit when ovation is loudest and therefore, he may have kept a clean bill with regards to the matters arising now. The other two men are still residing in Dublin are the focus of attention who either both or one is alleged to the biological father of the Judith Osuagwu's children. However, a source close to AfricaworldNews alleged that  Kingsley Chidiebere Chinagorom must be one or both of the biological father of the children. This is yet to be verified as efforts to contact Chinagorom on the allegation proved abortive.

Osuagwu can be described as a squidgy, speaks so beautiful and naturally endowed, possessing all the qualities of a woman with all the contours at the right places, right time and right country. This can be said made most randy men to continue to find it pretty difficult to get their eyes off her. Judith Osuagwu is legally married and blessed with children and she was once the Vice President of Owerri Progressive Association in Ireland. 

At present, her marriage is on the rock and her estranged innocent hubby is not in the best of mood as shame has totally engulf his well-being. AfricaWorld Gossip Parrot reliably gathered that her partner no longer attends community members meetings and he has totally abstain from it. In addition, he'd asked his adulterous wife to move out of his mortgaged property as he is no longer interested in the matrimony.  The wife in her defence and response said that, she would not move out without receiving any financial settlement from her partner. The partner had since remained mute and hell knows what will be his next line of action. 

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